Looking for extra seats or do you need increased back support and comfort? If you need more seats for the growing family or simply setting up a specialised vehicle help is at hand. With a variety of choices from the best manufacturers, we can turn your vehicle into a capable family wagon or increase your overall comfort and convenience.   

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Aftermarket seats, off road seats, 4wd seats and seats. Specialising in four wheel drive vehicles has been the main stay for Stratos for many years. The comfort that is lacking in some original equipment seats are standard feature in the Stratos range. From increasing lumber support to reducing driver fatigue the energy absorbing base system will give you a comfortable ride every time.

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Aftermarket seats, comfortable 4wd seating, ergonomic seating for off road vehicles. If you are travelling long distances, or the Australian outback with back pain ask yourself ‘why’. Unquestionably leaders in their market Recaro, have been manufacturing comfortable long haul driving seats for over 30 years. Whether it is comfort, lumber support or sport and racing that you’re interested in Recaro and TJM have the seat for you.

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Retro Seating

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Extra seating, 7 seater options, removable seats, aftermarket seats, single seaters, 2 seaters or 3 seaters, for 4wd, vans and family wagons including SUV seating. Retro seating has been increasing the seating capacity in vehicles for many years. Designing forward facing, folding seats with built in child restraints and finished in either matching trim or a charcoal fabric complete within built retractable seat belts.  

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Tech Safe

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Extra passenger seating, van seating, 4wd seating, minibus or special purpose seating. Tech Safe and TJM can equip your vehicle with seating solutions designed to compliment your existing interior. Foldaway or removable seats, rear bench seats and 4wd sport style seats. When safety, comfort and style is paramount with a range of extra seating that meets the Australian design rules then Tech safe and TJM are the choice.  

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