Recovery Equipment

Don’t think it can’t happen to you!  Vehicle recovery is by far the most important consideration when planning to go off road, so, for every situation we have recovery equipment that will get you out of trouble and back home. This essential part of your kit should never be underestimated.  

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Brands Available

Max Trax

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Vehicle recovery made easy without straps, winches and diff locks. If things aren’t too serious then the Max Trax are the choice for the enthusiast or weekend warrior. Simply dig out from around the front of the tyre and position them in front of the well and drive out.  It’s that easy.

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Tred recovery device


Wether its sand, snow or mud, TRED has been designed to get you out of most off-road recovery situations. Its revolutionary new design offers exceptional features & performance at an affordable price. These are invaluable as a single vehicle/single operator receovery device through to a full scale recovery aid when winches and recovery straps are at their limits. TREDs are a must have accessory for any vehicle that operates off-road whether you're a novice adventurer or serious off-road enthusiast.

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