Generators and battery chargers

Travelling can be very rewarding and even more rewarding if you have some creature comforts with you. Using a generator and having the ability to charge up your vehicle batteries can be the difference between having a cold beer or making sure the camera is charged for the next photo, or having a warm beer and missing that unique photo opportunity.

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Generator, battery charger, inverters, pure sine wave power. If you’re looking for a small generator that could run a 650W microwave, TV, toaster or even the fridge and charge up the batteries in your 4wd, Genquip and TJM have the solution. With up to 7 hours running time and 3 models to choose from the unit weighs only 22Kg. You can pack it in the back of your camper or 4wd.

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CTEK Battery Chargers

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Smart chargers, battery chargers, charging systems, quick connecting battery chargers. Years of research have put CTEK and TJM ahead of the rest in equipping your battery charging needs. Shock proof, weather proof and dust proof, excellent for outdoor use, permanent mounting in your caravan, camper trailer or even your 4wd. Specially designed to stay connected without disconnecting the battery from the 4wd.

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Battery management, Battery isolators, DC to DC chargers whatever your battery usage is outside of starting the car Redarc and TJM can have you equipped with state of the art charging systems, Take the new 150 Prado with its regulated alternator, without the use of the DC to DC charging system you are not achieving the full charging results that would required to keep the auxiliary battery at its full charge.

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